Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 5

January 9, 2012

Today I realized, Mondays really aren’t that bad when you truly enjoy and are thankful for the people you work with!! I had some upsetting news from my doctor this morning. I am so sensitive about health issues, so when he told me I was going to have to schedule another appointment for some follow-up tests, all I could do was cry, despite him reassuring me everything was OK. In my mind, how are things OK if you are having to do additional tests? I ran to my co-worker’s office where I knew I wouldn’t be mocked for crying but would get a warm hug and earful of reassurance. Just what I needed at that moment. So thankful she is back from vacation!

In addition to falling behind with church, I have gotten out of any kind of exercise routine. A group of co-workers joined a boot camp and I decided to go along. I never thought I would ever say that I am excited about boot camp or working out, but I am! I had such a blast with these ladies and am really looking forward to the accountability and support that we are going to provide each other with our health goals. I am such a lucky girl, I love my job, and I really love the people I get to spend time with at my job. When I stop, open up, and let people in, I realize I am daily surrounded by an amazing support group.

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