Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 1

January 5, 2012

Today I came home and was greeted by my happy “foster” cocker spaniel. Her little propeller tail makes me laugh out loud and warm inside with happiness. How can we explain the love that we receive from dogs?! 2011 ended with me rear-ending a white Chevy Tahoe. I spent an hour on the phone with the insurance company today working out payment, but Brian, the State Farm agent working with me was so helpful and straightened everything out for me! Thank you for your patience and hard work Brian! I am really enjoying coming home and not having to worry about studying for grad school. Still a little sleep deprived from my trip to Philly, I decided to take a nap on my couch and watch “Leap Year”, a sweet romantic comedy that leaves me wanting to cry happy tears of hope for love. Alas, there was no time to cry because my phone rang with a call from Crystal, my long-lost, gypsy, humanitarian, world-traveling friend. It was so wonderful to spend almost two hours on the phone with her laughing at how our quirky personality weaknesses haven’t changed and we ended with such a solid agreement that our futures are so bright and have hope for such great excitements to come. I just love being able to pick up with a friend that you haven’t talked to in over a year. True friendship has no time lapse. Today, life feels good and full of hope.

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