Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 3

January 7, 2012

Today I am thankful for friends who always understand. I intentionally kept this weekend open for two reasons: it’s my best friend Casey’s birthday weekend and  the due date for another best friend Kani. Well, Kani’s baby came over a week early so I had planned to make the weekend about Casey. See, Casey is one of my most loyal friends. No matter the distance, she has always made sure to be with me for my birthday and make me feel special. Well, last night I came down with a cold and wanted to go to bed early rather than drive to Austin. Casey quickly offered to drive to College Station so we could still spend time together but to save me a drive. How thoughtful and selfless is that? I had a great time today, I bought tickets to the Aggie Men’s Basketball game for us and her husband, we ate pie at our favorite spot, Must Be Heaven, and I bought us all T-shirts as a “party favor”!  I hope it was fun for Casey, it was for me and it reminded me of how fortunate and lucky I am to have such wonderful friends who will go the distance, even on their own birthday, to spend time with me. I even got to sleep 12 hours last night! Yes, my life is blessed.

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