Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 76

March 20, 2012

So something really neat happened this morning! As you know I admitted to myself, you and God last night about my lack of trust in others and Him. Well this summer, I followed a friend's recommendation and signed up for daily emails through GriefShare  You won't believe what the message of my 195th email was this morning...trusting God! Ok, I get the message, you are listening to me.  I actually have found this happen a few times with these emails, that the issue I am battling with at that moment, is the theme of the next email I receive. It's so comforting and encouraging to think, if they made an email about this, it must be a common struggle, I'm not the only one! It's seems appropriate that trust in the Lord and his plan for our lives would be the topic to rest on my heart as a focus during this Lenten season. The email was summed up with this sentence: "You do not need to fully understand Him, just believe in Him and trust Him in all things." I know these words to be true, but this is actually a difficult challenge and will be my meditation for the rest of Lent. Hebrews 2:13 "I will put my trust in Him" will be my daily prayer. 

Ok Lord...you have my attention...

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